Discussing about the Possible Experimental Mistakes in Agricultural Research

The fundamental question is whether our contemporary approaches actually represent the “plant world” around us, experiments or whether it is the product of the present “imperfect” level of expertise. Individual authors’ experimental conditions also vary in assessing the same problem , i.e. the findings are difficult to compare. The chosen average external conditions of a given crop should be simulated in an artificial experimental setting. The identification of important growth phases and characteristics that are necessary for the assessment of the key experimental task is very important. Either ignorance of these facts or improperly prepared experiments may lead to bad results and experimental conclusions. The main objective is not only to point out the need to measure important plant properties by appropriate methods in a physiologically correct stage of growth and development, but also on In experiments, the effect of the properties of seeds used will alter plant growth and development. It is often forgotten that the effect of stress on the properties of the seeds and the seed characteristics on the properties of the plant , for example, may produce different results in the same variety of different provenances, especially affecting the roots, since plant roots are the most sensitive part of plants. In similar experiments at two workplaces, only the different roots of used seeds will substantially alter the outcomes of a repeated standard experiment.

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Ladislav Bláha
Crop Research Institute, Prague, Czech Republic.

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