Development of Stilling Basin Model at Zero Depth of Pipe Outlet to Basin Floor: An Advanced Research

The analysis of a new Stilling Basin Model for non-circular pipe outlets with the outlet at zero depth from the basin bottom is presented in this chapter. After testing twenty-four models with various appurtenances such as impact walls, intermediate sills, and end sills, evolution was carried out. The Stilling Basin Model was put to the test for a non-circular pipe exit with a Froude number of 3.85. All models were tested using the identical bed materials, with the tail water depth remaining the same as the typical depth and the test length remaining the same at 45 minutes for all models. Scour parameters were measured after a forty-minute test run, and model performance was assessed by computing the Scouring index. For each test run, the Scour indexes following the end sill were estimated. After testing, it was discovered that a newly developed stilling basin model with appurtenances of a rectangular intermediate sill with a cross section of 0.5 d width and 1 d height, an impact wall with dimensions of 1 d x 2.2 d, and a triangular end sill with a cross section of 1 d width and 1 d height at a basin length of 6.4 d performed better than other tested models with zero depth of pipe outlet from basin floor. In comparison to the USBR VI stilling basin model, the new created Stilling Basin Model is 49 percent more efficient, and the stilling basin length is lowered by 23 percent. Thus, when compared to the USBR VI Stilling Basin Model at zero depth of pipe outlet, this model emerges as the best Stilling Basin Model among all other examined models since it is efficient and affordable.

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H. L. Tiwari
Civil Engineering Department, MANIT, Bhopal, India.

M. S. Hora
Civil Engineering Department, MANIT, Bhopal, India

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