Development of LabVIEW Based Model of Switched Reluctance Motor Using PI Controller

This work presents a unique and creative technique for constructing a mathematical model of SRM and controller using the Lab VIEW platform. Simple, robustness, high torque to inertia ratio, and cost effectiveness are all good and promising properties of an SRM. For various combinations of Kp and Ki values, this article explains how to use a PI Controller on the Lab VIEW Platform to reduce settling time and torque ripple. All simulations come with a detailed block diagram and Lab VIEW Subsystem. The Lab VIEW platform is used to design the PI controller vi subsystem, which helps to reduce torque ripple and settling time.

Author (s) Details

Dr. G. M. Naveen
Department of Civil Engg, Govt Engineering College, Chamarajanagara-571313, Karnataka, India.

KSHIP, Karnataka, India.

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