Development of High Efficiency Multi-Crystalline Inorganic Solar Cell Using Er+3 Based Plano Convex Lens

The photovoltaic cell (PVC) is a semiconductor device whose primary objective is to generate vibrant clean energy from sunlight. PVC was classified into three major classes by technology: a) Organic, b) Inorganic, and c) Hybrid. PVC users state unequivocally that installed PVC is incoherent and that electric generation is inadequate. The solution to manufacture consistent electricity using PVC is insurmountable, and researchers are unaware of PVC’s resurrection. After a thorough assessment of the literature, the goal of this study is to reveal indisputable proof that demonstrates the mesmerising power of Plano convex lenses on any PVC. This research summarises two undeniable incumbent solutions: a) Erbium’s impact on the surface of PVC cells; and b) Plano convex lenses that incorporate frazzle sun beams into gargantuan beams that remove a small amount of sunlight from PVC and boost electricity.

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Adnan Alam Khan

DHA Suffa University and Sindh Madressatul Islam University Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

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