Development of Continuous Improvement Program Assessment Tool (CIPAT) in the Department of Education-SOX Region, Philippines


The research created and approved an evaluation methodology for the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Continuous Improvement (CI) Program in the Philippines’ SOX Region. An recognised school process or service delivery that is connected to access, quality, or governance is the focus of the CI practise, which aims to enhance learning outcomes. Six CI Masters and 30 programme implementers from the chosen Level 3 authorised schools for school-based management were participants. Data gathering methods included self-report surveys and an assessment tool based on scientific research. The study was conducted using a combination of quantitative and qualitative data using mixed techniques. The constructed evaluation instrument has excellent validity, which is a sign of its suitability and accuracy, according to the results. In terms of things like strategic management, operational management, adopting change, stakeholder analysis, and CI sustainability, the CI teams thought their programmes were extremely successfully implemented. However, the researchers’ analysis using the evidence-based approach revealed that schools have remarkable programme implementation. This conclusion was clear from the well-organized, useful texts in every aspect. The statistical analysis showed that the researchers’ evaluation is generally more accurate than what the CI team believed. Compared to simple observations made by the implementers themselves, the researchers’ firsthand knowledge and observation of the relevant facts is more impartial, accurate, and objective. The promotion of these initiatives at continual improvement involved clearly articulating and identifying the best practises used by SBM schools.

Author(s) Details:

Ernie C. Cerado,
College of Teacher Education, Sultan Kudarat State University, Tacurong City, Philippines.

Melvin A. Garcia,
New Panay National High School, Department of Education-Sultan Kudarat, Philippines.

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Keywords: Continuous improvement program, school-based management (SBM), assessment tool, evidence-based assessment, best practices.

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