Development of an Integrated Campus Security Alertng and Access Control System

The development of an integrated Security Alerting and Access Control System for campuses in the
Universities and Colleges is aimed at providing a framework where security alerting and access
control is enhanced to provide safe and secured environment for academic, administrative and
business activities. It consists of the access control unit, the emergency alerting unit and the
surveillance unit. The access control unit is used to restrict entrance to critical facilities such as
hostels, library, etc to unauthorized persons. It uses the fingerprint biometrics to restrict entrance to
the facility, thereby preventing intrusion and theft. Only fingerprints on the database of the particular
facility are allowed access to the facility. The emergency alerting unit is used to send alerting signals
to the security personnel regarding security challenges that occur within the facility under
investigation. In this work, wireless emergency alerting system was designed and implemented. A
software program in C language was developed for the operation of the microcontrollers. Emergency
signal sent through any of the input units was accepted, encoded and then sent to the receiver unit
where it is processed and an alerting message displayed on the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with an
accompanying audio alarm. Both emergency alerting and access control signal program software
were simulated with Proteus 8. The surveillance unit on the other hand is used to capture and store
images within and around the monitored facilities. Results from both simulations and prototype design
of a typical facility were satisfactory.

Author(s) Details

Abdullahi Abuh
Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Federal Polytechnic Idah, Kogi State, Nigeria.

Patience E. Orukpe
Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering, University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria.

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