Determining the Major Policy Issues Regarding the Smart Schooling System Using the Analytical Hierarchy Process Method

Korea is one of the world’s top countries in promoting education using ICT and smart school practises. This paper aims to identify the determinants affecting the success of the smart schooling system in Korea, prioritise the indicators necessary for the smart schooling system in terms of weight, and provide policy implications for policymakers and practitioners involved in smart school and education policy using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method. Teacher dedication has the highest weight score, followed by attitudes toward e-learning and IT, indicating that the individual involved in the smart schooling system’s actions should be seen as more important than any other factor.

Author (S) Details

Young-Chool Choi
Chungbuk National University, Korea.

Ji-Hye Lee
Seowon University, Korea

Hye-Jeung Lee
Hannam University, Korea.

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