Determining the Knowledge of Privatization of Agricultural Extension Services and Influencing Factors

The current study was conducted in five districts of Haryana with the goal of determining farmers’ awareness about various privatisation of agricultural extension services (PAES) and the relationship between PAES knowledge and farmers’ socioeconomic characteristics. The study’s 200 farmers had all heard about the privatisation of agricultural extension services (PAES), had obtained information about PAES, knew the name and location of PAES, and had used PAES for agricultural objectives. They also recognised that PAES offered a variety of inputs, including HYV, seedlings, fertilisers, crop protection, spray pumps, infrastructure, and agricultural value addition. More than three-quarters of farmers (82.50 percent) had a good degree of knowledge on PAES. Extension contact (0.198) and education (0.179) were both very significant and positively associated with farmers’ knowledge of agricultural extension services privatisation. Other important variables such as age, family type, occupation, land ownership, cropping intensity, irrigation facilities, social participation, socio-economic status, mass media participation, economic motivation, risk preference, and scientific orientation were found to be positively associated but not significant.

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Jasvinder Kaur
Extension Education Institute, Nilokheri, India.

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