Determining Awareness among Medicine and Nursing Units: Ethical and Social Aspects of Organ Donation from a Living Donor Based on Altruistic Motives in Israel and How the Various Religious and Their Members Change Regarding Saving Lives in the Context of Organ Donation

The authors of this study were sceptical that the dangers of live kidney donation had been well researched and sufficiently protected against. The goal of this study was to investigate the rigour and safety of Israel’s current live donation process.

Background: Live kidney donations accounted for 65 percent of all kidney donors in Israel between 2015 and 2017.

The researchers surveyed 91 Israelis who had donated a kidney. The survey asked on the pre-donation process, including whether and how risks were communicated to donors, as well as post-donation illness/complications and medical follow-up. Also, how supported, confident, and well-advised the contributors felt.

Creatinine levels increased considerably following donation, with the greatest levels found in the youngest donors (18-29).

None of the donors were followed up on by a nephrologist; instead, they were only followed up on by their general practitioner, and none of them had more than two follow-up visits. Despite the high creatinine levels, none of the patients were referred to a nephrologist for treatment or follow-up. Gaps and shortcomings are also revealed in the risk information provided to contributors.

Conclusions: The authors offer recommendations for making the live donation technique more rigorous, careful, well-followed, and research-based. It’s also necessary to take proactive actions to boost the quantity of donations from the deceased. Each death gift equals one fewer live donation, causing less harm to healthy people.

Author(S) Details

Mahdi Tarabeih
Department of Nursing Sciences, Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College, Jaffa, Israel.

Khaled Awawdi
Israel Academic College, Ramat Gan 52275, Israel.

Riad Abu Rakia
Department of Nursing Sciences, Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College, Jaffa, Israel.

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