Determination of Sex from Inherent Palm Prints Present on Documents

Prominence of Fingerprints and palmprints have a very special repercussion in the identification of an
individual due to its perpetuity, distinctive and ubiquitous nature since birth to the end of life.
Palmprints covers a larger expanse of palmar surface, hence, probability of obtaining ridge/minutiae
become higher. Since so long, it has been known to us that the fingerprints consist the class
characteristics that are used to minimize the gradient of suspects. This study was carried out to
determine the gender from the appearance of features on hypothenar area of palm based on 12
parameters i.e. radius of curvatures, Angle of curvature from line of writing, Inter distance between
center of curvatures, and Distance of center of curvatures from line of writing w. r. f line of writing
present on documents.In this study, all the subjects were approached from an age group of 18-35
years from North part of India for sampling aspiration. As a resultant of this research, it was found
that, the attained parameters of palmar surfactant present on documents can help to distinguish the
genders.The attained upshot shows that the Genders were successfully identified at p value (the
significance level) was examined at P < 0.05. It can assist to increase the evidential value of such
inherent palmprints. These evidences can be helpful for reducing the pool of potential suspects in
investigations, Moreover, such averments can be placed at par with the fingerprints in court of law on
the top of all other scientific evidences.

Author(s) Details

Amit Chauhan
Amity Institute of Forensic Sciences, Amity University, Noida, Sec-125, Uttar Pradesh 201313, India

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