Determination of Physiochemical, Pharmacognostical, and Phytochemical Parameters of Premna herbacea

Herbal medicines have been used by practically all civilizations throughout history. Premna herbacea, a member of the Premna genus of the Verbenaceae family, was one of them. The goal of this chapter was to characterise the plant’s morphological and microscopical characteristics. These plants’ ethanol, chloroform, petroleum ether, and aqueous extracts were subjected to preliminary phytochemical investigation. Triterpenoids and alkaloids were found in abundance, along with trace levels of carbohydrates and flavonoids. The plant’s physiochemical characteristics were within acceptable ranges. The fluorescence of root powder was detected under visible light and UV light of short and long wavelengths after it had been treated with various chemicals. They had a fluorescence to them. TLC and HPTLC analysis of several plant extracts also showed positive results. Premna herbacea has to be studied more in order to learn more about the hidden areas and their practical clinical applications that can benefit humanity.

Author (s) Details

Dr. M. Gowtham
Department of Pharmaceutics, Sanjivani College of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Sahajanandnagar, Kopargaon, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra-423603, India.

Dr. I. V. Asharani
Department of Chemistry, School of Advanced Sciences, VIT, Vellore, Tamilnadu-632014, India.

Dr. D. Thirumalai
Department of Chemistry, Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore-632115, India.

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