Determination of Model of the Physical Space (Time) from Quantum Mechanics


Quantum mechanics governs the physical world. However, our understanding of quantum physics is still largely based on concepts from classical physics, albeit with ‘quantized’ interpretations in some circumstances. The most important case in point is spacetime. Instead of accepting the Newtonian model, we investigate the picture of physical space as it is truly defined by simple, so-called non-relativistic quantum mechanics. The key viewpoint is that of (relativity) symmetry representation, and the notion that physical space should be considered the configuration space for a free particle. The standard quantum state The answer is space, with an understandable noncommutative geometric representation encapsulating the necessary concept of noncommutative physical quantities values. A Lorentz covariant version of the theory is also sketched, along with a quantum model of physical spacetime. The formulations are entirely group theoretically grounded, with suitable limits of lower level theories, including classical ones, and corresponding spacetime models derived from the contraction limit of (relativity) symmetries.

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Otto C. W. Kong
Department of Physics and Center for High Energy and High Field Physics, National Central University, Chung-Li 32054, Taiwan.

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