Determination of Diabetic Foot in Algeria


The current study seeks to better understand the efficacy of diabetic foot care. The rebalancing of diabetes and tares, antibiotic treatments tailored by the systematic implementation of an antibiogram, and anticoagulant medicines alone improve the patient’s and wound’s condition. We utilise antibiotics, which are obviously targeted, as well as anticoagulants. The wound must be completely discharged. It is complemented by a specialised physical exercise with the purpose of preventing muscle and joint loss and fighting the development of pressure sores. We treated them for diabetic neuropathy, which included carpal and tarsal tunnel syndrome, as well as arteriopathy. For our patients, recovery time is less crucial than functional outcomes, but moral comfort is important in increasing their quality of life.

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Nadia Boudjenah
Diabetic Foot Surgeon, Diabetic Foot Center, Algiers, Algeria.

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