Determination of Correlation and Relative Intensity Noise of the Chaos and the Message Masked by the Chaos

The promise of secure communication using Chaos is proven analytically in this paper using correlation and Relative Intensity Noise analysis. In pure chaos, auto-correlation coefficients reflect unpredictability, while a correlation coefficient shows a message’s decaying periodic nature, which in this case is a sinusoidal signal. Chaos, in both optical and electronic forms, is being studied extensively as a medium for secure communications. The ORIGIN software is used to calculate the correlation coefficient for continuous time delay data and its dependence on time delay. The RIN is calculated for both effectively and inefficiently encoded signals. The RIN for a message that is efficiently encoded is higher than the RIN for a message that is inefficiently encoded. This supports the notion that chaos might be an effective instrument for secure communication.

Author(S) Details

Satyanarayana Chanagala
SBIT, Department of Electronics and Communication, Khammam, Telangana, India.

Madhu Sudhana Rao Kanduri
KKR & KSR Institute of Technology and Sciences, Guntur, Andhrapradesh, India.

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