Determination of Biological Transmutation in Germination of Seeds

Biological processes appear to be governed by laws that are distinct from physical laws, and these laws do not apply to biological reactions. Nuclear reactions take place in the biological system at low temperatures, similar to room temperature, and the biological system is able to synthesise essential elements from the elements already present. The study’s goal was to determine whether there was a biological transmutation in the germination of green gramme and Bengal gramme in the form of increased element content. Green gramme and Bengal gramme seeds were germinated in their natural habitat at room temperature. The elements in control and germinated seedlings utilising the wet method were analysed using optical emission spectrometry. The results showed that Na increased by 417 percent, Al grew by 125 percent, Cr increased by 400 percent, Mn increased by 71.43 percent, Fe increased by 28.89 percent, and Zn increased by 13 percent in germinated seeds compared to control seeds. Mg fell by 14.60 percent, P by 4.57 percent, K by 10.16 percent, Ca by 24.59 percent, and Cu by 17.65 percent in green gramme germinated seeds, but P increased by 8.48 percent, K climbed by 22.40 percent, and Zn increased by 10% in bengal gramme germinated seeds. Na declined by 13.03 percent, Mg by 42.57 percent, Al by 36.35 percent, Ca by 6.13 percent, Mn by 40 percent, Fe by 22.22 percent, and Cu by 12.5 percent in germinated seeds as compared to control seeds. The total of increasing and decreasing elements in green gramme germinated seeds was 147 percent increased and 10% decreased, whereas the total of increasing and decreasing elements in Bengal gramme germinated seeds was 20.48 percent (1692 ppm) increased and 23.23 percent (324 ppm) decreased.

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Itagi Ravi Kumar

Division of Yoga and Physical Sciences, Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana, Bangalore 560019, Karnataka, India.

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