Determinants of Employee Turnover Intention

This book chapter is broken into six sections and comprises a number of papers on the subject of employee turnover. These papers are self-contained and unrelated, and they are presented from various angles in terms of content and objective. The first section is an introduction to the chapter’s subject. The readers will gain a better understanding of employee turnover intentions in Section Two. Human resource management methods (pay, performance appraisal, promotion, and training & development) and career satisfaction are discussed in sections three and four as factors that may influence employee turnover intention. The social exchange idea is the focus of Section 5. This book chapter concludes with section six, which also serves as a summary of the chapter’s content.

Author (S) Details

Omar Jaber Aburumman
Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Development, University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia.

Khuzama Arabiat
Faculty of Business and Finance, The World Islamic Science and Education University, Jordan.

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