Determinants of Consumer Intention to Revisit the Same Restaurant and a Simple Algorithm of Coupon Discount Rate

The theory of customer preference is applied in this chapter to model consumer desire to revisit the same restaurant. As a result, theoretical findings show that the quality of the service of the server, the taste of the food, the atmosphere of the restaurant, customer satisfaction with the meal price, the total budget of the customer, the discount rate of the coupon, the sales tax rate and the tipping rate may affect the intention of the consumer to revisit the same restaurant I tried to use the consumer preference principle to frame a model for the purpose of customer review that can be used to present how and why a customer will return “in the future” to the same restaurant. Furthermore, a simple algorithm is also suggested for calculating a coupon discount rate for restaurant owners / managers. The key contribution of this chapter is to frame an economic theoretical model for the intention of the customer to revisit the same restaurant, which may be useful in the creation of empirical models for further research into this issue.

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Dr. Tin-Chun Lin
School of Business and Economics, Indiana University – Northwest, Gary, IN 46408, USA.

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