Detailed Study on the Rehabilitation of the Orphans in the Deep South of Thailand

The research’s objectives are to: (1) investigate the rehabilitation of orphans who have been affected by violence in Thailand’s Deep South; and (2) provide guidance to the government and institutions on how to rehabilitate orphans who have been affected by violence in Thailand’s Deep South. As a result of the violence problem, the number of orphans has been continuously increasing since 2004. The government runs a programme to help orphans who have been victims of violence recover from their mental injuries by offering scholarships. Surveillance is a term that refers to the monitoring of people. Orphans are no longer orphans. Civic society inspires more trust than government. Some think that the most important components in caring for and rehabilitating orphans are education, activities such as sports and music, and the responsibilities of the family and family members, and that religion should be used to perform “social well-being” activities.
Author (s) Details

Assistant Prof. Dr. Kanlaya Daraha
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Prince of Songkla University, Pattani Campus, Thailand.

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