Detailed Report on Resolved Mystery of Groundwater Basics through Biotechnology – A Gateway for the Management of Global Hydrological Extremes and Related Climate Change

To many nations, groundwater is important. Around 2 billion people, countless farmers and many industrial facilities worldwide depend on it for their water supply. It is important to determine the effect of all citizens on groundwater recharge and resources in the face of global environmental change, including climate change. It is difficult to measure the effects of climate change on groundwater and is subject to uncertainty in future climate forecasts. The overall understanding of the impacts of climate change is weak. Therefore, with its conceptual scientific basics using the Pit Test, Tub Test, Brick Test and Field Test, the pre-proposed Second Water Cycle was contrasted with the two different pre-applied ancient technologies used in two different locations by two different people in India. The findings recorded clearly support the pre-proposed definition of Basic Groundwater Hydrology and its physical underground phase that remains invisible to our eyes, thus serving as the solid evidence for the large-scale implementation and the pre-proposed theory. Consequently, all the basic technical information relating to groundwater are gathered and discussed more explicitly and precisely in this article. The relationship between groundwater and climate change is established with the man-made errors in both water cycles and the method of rectification mentioned in the call for Groundwater Revolution to make the future better for the next generation We will create a lasting solution with this elaborate rectification approach to alleviate both the Hydrological Extremes-Flood and Drought and get the water issues under control. Since this paper will be the supporting material on the basics of groundwater, without neglecting them, policymakers should consider the value of groundwater whatever is stated in this paper and rework on sustainable development and management strategies for water resources. Since this article will be the supporting material as the roadmap for action on the fundamentals of Groundwater.

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A. Robert William Raj
Department of Biotechnology, Symbiotech Pharmalab Pvt. Ltd., Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

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