Detailed Discussion on the Inevitable Road to Humankind’s Educational Development

The goal of the paper is to address the whole creation of “three education” proposed by China’s Confucianism (intellectual education, moral education and aesthetic education). An educational example is the principle of three schooling. It can be hypothesised that it is the unavoidable path to the educational growth of humankind. This essay uses the method of discursive analysis to expose the gaps between modern education and China’s Confucian education, drawing on observations from classic Confucian texts. The “Three Education” viewpoint is original and important. It emphasises the harmonious life between human beings and nature, between human beings and people, and the growth of human character as a whole. This article has a important application to the theoretical inquiry of international educational studies by concentrating on the status and importance of the three education in the current human educational growth.

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Dr. Wen Ma
Langfang Normal University, China.

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