Detailed Discussion on Pre-service English Teacher Education in the State of Alagoas, Brazil: A Reflection on Identities

In Alagoas, a state in the northeast of Brazil, this article focuses on the current context of teaching and learning English as a foreign language. We are concentrating on our Federal University of Alagoas undergraduates, who are pre-service instructors. They are on the verge of beginning to teach at the state-run grade and high schools, thus public schools. Centered on the notions of identity and otherness, we have carried out our research. As a consequence, we have observed the existence in the teacher’s persona of negative ideals that explicitly conflict with their class activities. We, then, suggest a research on personal narratives aimed at the development of firm alterities. In this way, we expect our undergraduates not to lose track of the positive educational principles and, as a result, not to give in to contextual pressures. We conclude by claiming that it is difficult to ensure that our  The plan for teacher education would bring results in the short and medium term in the educational sense of the state. We can also not assume that until they finally become in-service instructors, the formative phase will last in the undergraduates due to the identity stresses they will undoubtedly suffer in their activities within the school setting. Nevertheless, through their political agency skills, we should reaffirm our confidence in the Freirean perspective of teachers as transformative agents. And that gives us hope to move on.

Author(s) Details

Paulo Rogério Stella
Federal University of Alagoas at Maceió, Brasil. Isabel Correia

Daniel Adelino Costa Oliveira da Cruz
Federal University of Alagoas at Maceió, Brasil.

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