Designing ESP Materials for Student Nurses Based on Needs Analysis: A Developmental Study


 Despite the fact that there is a substantial demand for English ESP for nurses, only a few academics are interested in investigating the development of nursing English ESP materials that are contextually appropriate to nurses’ practical needs. The process of selecting, customising, and assessing teaching materials based on specific terms of reference is known as teaching material design. Before constructing instructional materials for English for Specific Purpose, it is critical to do a needs analysis. The goal of the project is to investigate the learning needs of student nurses and to develop ESP materials for nurses based on the findings of the Need Analysis. Target Situation Analysis, Present Situation Analysis, Deficiency Analysis, Strategy Analysis, Constraint Analysis, Pedagogic Need Analysis, and Subjective Need Analysis are the types of need analysis used in this study [1]. With a developmental study design, the study employs quantitative and qualitative approaches. The findings reflect the true demands of ESP for nurses students, the lecturers’ perspectives on ESP education practise, and descriptions of ESP for nurses utilised in English-speaking countries. The findings are important for ESP designers in a variety of sectors since they reflect the genuine demands of nursing students. Nursing English textbooks should be based on ESP designers’ Need Analysis, it is suggested.

Author(s) Details:

Erikson Saragih,
School of Teaching and Education, University of Prima Indonesia, Jalan Sekip No. 1 Simpang Sikambing Medan, North Sumatra 20117, Indonesia.

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