Design of Active and Passive Solar Elements for Sustainable Contemporary Architecture: Scientific Overview

This paper describes the design and development of technological innovative modules to be applied in architecture cladding. They combine passive solar features like solar protection, solar thermal energy storage, ventilated and Trombe wall effects with active solar thermal collectors and photovoltaic systems. The proposed solar protection features can also include a biological element, proving support for vertical gardens and shelter for small birds. This novel modular system comprises several multifunctional technical parts. A prototype of the thermodynamic module was constructed with cork, ceramic, glass and copper materials. All modules and prototype were designed based on the Mediterranean most influential architecture geometric patterns. Five different experimental hexagonal-based (typical Islamic geometry) geometric parts with different functions were considered. Being the thermal performance one of the most important characteristic of the parts proposed, a prototype was built and experimentally tested. The results (temperatures of the heated water) evidence excellent performance taking into account the concept design and materials selected. In fact, relatively to the thermodynamic functional part, no loss of thermal efficiency was observed because it was similar to the same of conventional commercial thermodynamic systems.

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Raquel Salomé Oliveira
Escola Superior de Artes e Design Matosinhos, Portugal

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