Design Formulations for Predicting the Collision Damage of Steel Stiffened Cylinder and their Residual Strength under Combined Loads

The goal of this research is to create new formulas for forecasting the permanent local denting damage and residual strength of steel reinforced cylinders under dynamic lateral mass impact. Collisions of offshore cylindrical structures with the bow or stern of service vessels or floating objects are possible scenarios.     The deformation of these stiffened cylinder constructions exposed to dynamic lateral mass impact is determined using ABAQUS/Explicit numerical methods. The proposed numerical approach was then used to conduct rigorous parametric analyses on the actual design of full-scaled stiffened cylinder samples. New simple design formulas to forecast the maximum permanent local dent depth of a stiffened cylinder are produced by a regression research as a function of a non-dimensional energy parameter based on the rigorous numerical results. In addition, new Simple design equations are also presented for predicting the dented stiffened cylinders’ ultimate residual strength under combined stresses. By comparing the resulting formulations to available test results, nonlinear FEA, and existing analytical and empirical equations in the literature, the accuracy and reliability of the produced formulations is confirmed. For ship-offshore structure collisions, good agreement with existing test data was achieved.

Author (s) Details

Quang Thang Do
Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Nha Trang University, Vietnam.

Van-Vu Huynh
Faculty of Transportation Engineering, Nha Trang University, Vietnam.

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