Design and Implementation of an Optimal PV Solar Generator in Tropical Zone

Many small businesses, other organisms, and rural populations, particularly in developing countries, do not have easy access to the grid, necessitating the use of decentralised electric sources, which are critical in some situations, such as supplying rural hospitals or pumping potable or irrigation water. Electric Solar Generators Technologies may be able to save the day in a major way. This article examines essential issues in the design and deployment of a PV Solar Generator. In this regard, we conducted a state-of-the-art study in the domain of Solar Electric Generators, which provided key parameters of each component of a safe, easy-to-maintain feeding solar system and led us to the design, notably through the software PVSyst, of a domestic flat PV solar generator, as well as the implementation and testing of a domestic flat PV solar generator. Among the decentralised power production methods such as generating units, a PV panel’s generator with batteries appears to be the most advantageous. The results are made up of planned schematics, tables, and curves of simulated and investigated electric quantities such maximum delivered powers and efficiency. An example of a fully installed PV system that was instrumented for data logging was presented in the article. To power real loads, the system comprised a battery and an inverter. The size of the PV array, battery capacity, inverter power rating, and power provided to the loads were all considered when designing the system. The logged data has been utilised to assess the intended system and give recommendations on how the design could be improved so that systems of this sort can best serve local needs.

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Andre Youmssi
Electric Energy Laboratory (LEE), Montreal, Canada. and Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Succursale Centre Ville, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. and Electromagnetic Laboratory and Process Engineering Laboratory, The University of Ngaoundere, Ngaoundere, Cameroon

Emmanuel Patrick Feudjio
Electromagnetic Laboratory and Process Engineering Laboratory, The University of Ngaoundere, Ngaoundere, Cameroon.

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