Degradation of Polyester Partially Oriented Yarns through Alkaline Hydrolysis Process: A Recent Study

The feed material for the draw texturing process of polyester regular and micro fibres is partially oriented yarn. The biggest challenge the industry faces is POY quality, because storage of POY causes it to degrade, and the quality of draw textured yarn will be questioned as a result. As a result, a method to verify the freshness of POY is required, and alkaline hydrolysis can be employed as a tool to investigate the structure of POY. In this study, an earnest attempt is made to investigate the caustic impact on polyester POY using various degrading process parameters. This is the first study to use alkaline hydrolysis as a technique to better understand the deterioration process. The experimental methodology consisted of selecting different pet poy (both micro and macro denier) and storing them in standard conditions according to standard procedures for degradation, and then subjecting the stored materials to alkaline hydrolysis according to Zeronian and Collin’s standard procedure. The density, critical dissolving time, and molecular weight of the treated samples were measured. The deterioration process has a major impact on these qualities in all circumstances, as evidenced by the weight loss of the alkaline hydrolysis process. In addition, the results were statistically significant.

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J. Hayavadana
Department of Textile Technology, University College of Technology, Osmania University, Hdyerabad-7, India.

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