Decolorization of Biologically Treated Effluents of Waste Molasses and Piggery Wastewater by Fenton Reaction

Waste molasses was diluted to 10%, coagulated with 800 mg/L polyaluminum chloride, and then
treated in an activated sludge sequence batch reactor with a total organic carbon (TOC) loading of 0.2
kg/kg per day. Sodium hypochlorite and 3 mmol of iron sulfate solution were added to the supernatant
in a 1:1 molar ratio. As a result, the treated water had a chromaticity of 14. Biologically treated
livestock wastewater was treated in a continuous Fenton experiment for 6 h using hydrogen peroxide
and iron powder. From an initial color loading of 653, the treated water was significantly decolorized to

Author(s) Details

Hiroyuki Harada
Department of Environmental Science, Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Nanatuka-machi 5562, Shobara-shi, 727-0023, Hiroshima, Japan.

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