Cystic Malformation of Cystic Duct: A Study of 10 Cases with Review of the Literature

The goal of this test is to see if there are any cystic abnormalities in the cystic duct. We found 10 occurrences of cystic malformation of the cystic duct in patients who had their abdominal complaints investigated in our radiology department with ultrasonography, multidetector computed tomography, or magnetic resonance imaging over the course of two years. A dilated, nonvascular cystic structure near the porta hepatis and visualisation of a clear communication with the gallbladder, normal calibre cystic duct, and/or common bile duct (CBD) on at least one imaging modality were used to make a radiological diagnosis of cystic malformation of the cystic duct. In four of 10 cases, the cystic duct demonstrated saccular dilatation. Six individuals had fusiform dilatation of the cystic duct, with two of them having just minor dilatation. CBD dilatation was seen in two of the individuals, whereas the third developed cystic duct calculi and malignancy. Conclusion: Cystic duct abnormalities should be recognised as a distinct type of choledochal cyst and classified as type VI cysts by Todani.

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Dr. Praveen Maheshwari
Specialist Radiologist, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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