Crucial Service of Design Change Rendered at Customer’s Site to Reduce Maintenance that Transformed the Loss Making Unit into Earning Decent Profit

The Crompton Greaves Organisation’s M1 Division supplied different forms of industrial applications with a variety of induction motors. For all kinds of varieties of gear boxes, Induction Motor was supplied to the reduction gear box manufacturer at Anand, Gujarat District. The supplier had supplied Tuticorin Alkali and Chemicals (TAC) to the Tuticorin Organization in Tamil Nadu for the conveyance of the belt used to move material from one location to another within the factory. Even after 5 to 6 years of service, the TAC management noticed that the breakeven point could not be touched. They attributed regular scheduled shutdowns of all conveyor belts in the plant to the study in order to open the gearbox drive and open the engine to clean the engine winding, where the oil from the gearbox was used to enter the electric motor and to be deposited on the winding. They resorted to opening the engine and cleaning the deposited oil on the winding as per prevailing understanding. This reduced plant utilisation Around 75 percent to 78 percent at the stage. At this point, the management approached the Reduction Gear Unit Manufacturer’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). By replying that they have supplied to several customers in the region, the Equipment Supplier closed the complaint and none protested quoting such an incident. They suggested TAC to search internally. The TAC Management thought of approaching the Next in Chain OEM supplier, M1 Division of Crompton Greaves, who supplied engines for all the gearbox drives that were built for material transport in this factory, in order to obtain a potential solution. On seeing the problem, I thought that “Juggad Technique” was used on an experimental basis to solve it and that was extremely effective. Thus, when Plant introduced the evolved solution for all plant-wide applications, Plant Utilizations increased beyond 90% and in the following year, TAC Organization made a decent profit.

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Gururaj Kulkarni
Kirloskar Electric Co., Bangalore and Hubli, India, Crompton Greaves Ltd., Mumbai, India, Prince Containers Pvt. Ltd./Prince Multiplast Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, India, JASANZ (Joint Accreditation Scheme for Australia and New Zealand), Canberra, Australia and Quality Council of India at National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies, New Delhi (based in Mumbai), India.

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