Critical Evaluation of the Current Bonus and Merits Policy and Its Impacts on Employees’ Pay Satisfaction: Reference to Two Oil and Gas Service Companies

This research investigate the relationship betwixt the current Bonus & Merit (B&M) policy along with allure effects, if some, and pay satisfaction (PS) of the employees active in two oil and smoke service guests. It should be noted that earlier satisfied in conditions of pay, working staff proper to deliver much wildly at all levels so that the association realizes allure objectives. With this desire in mind, the study aims to explore in-depth means to an end to get to the requested level of pay satisfaction that suits the working stick. The research seeks to gestate various joined dimensions generated from an far-reaching literature review planning to prove or otherwise the sets of theories and research questions. A sequential descriptive mixed orders research pattern is employed. The study findings display the importance of analysing all befriended dimensions that are generated from and inside the content of the B&M policy. This impacts the representatives’ level of PS, and accordingly their wonted productivity. In other words, the terms and fillings of the B&M policy need expected viewed differently, similarly the study findings for fear that the objectives are realized.

Author(s) Details:

Othman Alyafei,
P.O. Box: 91527, Doha, Qatar.

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Keywords: Pay satisfaction, bonus and merit policy, discrepancy theory, job dissatisfaction, job descriptive index, distributive justice, adaptation theory, productivity, motivation

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