Convergent Series for the Zeta Function

In this article, new convergent series are introduced and applied to the zeta function. We solve the pertinent issues with them, such as: Calculate and define the straight line’s absolute zero points for everything. (1 𝑛) with (𝑛 ≥ 2) and, one more than acceptable approximation to the absolute value of 𝜋(𝑥) since, the greater the increase of (∆(𝑥)) the relation between the new equation of 𝜋(𝑥) and the value absolute of 𝜋(𝑥) is 𝜋(△𝑥) 𝜋(△𝑥) ≅1.
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Andri Lopez
Institute polytecnicleon, Leon, Spain.

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