Consideration on English Learning for Undergraduate Students Using a Portable Game Device

The Nintendo DS handheld game console, which was released in 2004 and has been marketed all over the world, boasts dual touch screens, speech recognition, and unique controls. It has been employed in the field of education not just as a video gaming gadget, but also as an educational tool. A study on Nintendo DS software for learning English is undertaken in this study with the goal of evaluating the possibility of introducing and using the game device as an educational tool for undergraduate students. As a result, not only students who are fluent in English, but also students who are not fluent in English and initially showed little interest in learning English using the Nintendo DS, found it to be enjoyable and useful to work with after using it. Furthermore, it became obvious that whether or not the programme is appropriate for the student has an impact on learning continuity.

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Hiromi Ban

Sanjo City University, Japan.


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