The efficacy of Widal screening was tested in comparison with stool and blood cultures for the diagnosis of typhoid/paratyphoid fever in exposed subjects. A total of 1000 samples from 248 males and 252 females aged < 1 – 68 years (500 stools and 500 blood each) were examined. A broad screening test was performed on the blood using commercial antigen, following the instructions of the manufacturer. The isolation and detection of species from blood and stool samples has been carried out using standard methods. Using polyvalent sera, characterization was performed and verified using single factor sera. Levels of retrieval of S. In the different Widal antibody titres, paratyphi A, B, C and typhi D were assessed from stool and blood cultures of positive subjects. Positive for S. among the subjects The isolation rate from stool was 37.5 percent at 1:160 large titers of O and H variants, while 39.1 percent of each subject combined was isolated from both blood and stool at 1:80 titers. For those who were hopeful for S. The isolation rates from stool and blood sample cultures combined were 46.7 percent at 1:160 positive titres, paratyphi B. Paratyphi C’s 1:320 positive titers had peak isolation rates (41.7 percent) single from blood samples. In the instance of S. The peak isolation rate (47.4 percent) of typhoid D was 1:320 from the blood. Among the rates of S isolates, there was a substantial difference (P= .001). Typhi D, with Widal screening, from blood, stool and stool/blood cultures. There was no connection, however, between the data (r= .256, .309 and .235 respectively). Blood culture is an essential aid in the early stages of infection for the recovery and isolation of the organism. Stool culture can also be used as a diagnostic technique, although not very precise. Widal test, although it is also sensitive to only a screening process, but only results that produce high titles are accurate.

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Dr. Clara Idara Eleazar
Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria.

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