Community, Regionalism and Sustainable Ecosystem (The effect of these Three Components in Hospitals)


Hospital structures are receiving a lot of attention these days. Given the complex architecture of treatment facilities, the issue of sustainability in this structure is being researched further in order to enhance efficiency and reduce energy loss. The occurrence of such an issue is caused by a number of factors. When it comes to regionalism, one of the most essential components is the existence of the environment and ecosystem, which may be referred to as regionalism and ecosystem that are interconnected and complement one another. One of the major aims of the green viewpoint and sustainability issue in connection to the building discussion is to achieve a balance between the man-made artificial environment and the natural environment. Creating a way for man-made buildings to align with nature and their surrounds, which can increase both artificial and natural ecosystems’ stability. The more stable the equilibrium is, the more it tends toward interaction. The current study will examine the effect rate of regionalism, ecosystem, and their elements on hospitals by investigating regionalism, ecosystem, and their aspects, stressing the need to link these two problems by assessing expert opinion. The findings imply that debates of regionalism and ecosystems in hospitals, as well as climate adaptation of these facilities, can play a crucial role in aligning them with the region and the cultural context.


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Sania Sami,
Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Science and Research Branch-Qeshm, Islamic Azad University, Qeshm Island, Iran.

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