Climatization, Tradition, and Hospital Design in Line with Fluid Traditional and Indigenous Structure of Climatism in Physical Architecture

Given the growth of technology and the topic of globalisation, which is characterised and clarified in many ways, the issue of climatism is a matter of concern today. Communication and navigation was readily made possible by the rapid development of technology. This aspect causes human communities to be challenged to discover more recent innovations that in turn raise the issues of how environment can be consistent with the production of architectural work, taking into account the lack of meaning of the traditional borders of the countries. And in other words, the way climatism, human communities of different cultures, and the surrounding world communicate with each other, is raised by factors influencing climatism. And in general, the way an architecture functions to connect with its setting is addressed. In this context, traditional and indigenous architecture and the fluidity of the region in the architectural system often discuss the characteristics of the physical and architectural features of each region from the architectural arena, incorporating appropriate approaches (objective and tactical approaches) to architecture and urban planning, using the rational logical approach to regional reviation.

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Sania Sami
Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Science and Research Branch-Qeshm, Islamic Azad University, Qeshm Island, Iran.

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