Classroom Activities for Schools & Universities: A Manual for Teachers and Students


The goal of this research is to find classroom-appropriate activities and exercises. In the mid-1970s, deep and surface learning research studies that revealed student approaches to learning first surfaced, and these investigations identified the qualitatively distinct ways that students approach learning. A surface approach to learning is one in which pupils are motivated by a fear of failure and attempt to achieve the task’s requirements with the bare minimum of effort. The goal of this exercise is for students to determine what they want to accomplish during the semester right from the start. This could be in the form of improved abilities, language, or even increased self-confidence. A sample can be found below; instead of class, it can be changed to tasks. Role-playing activities expose students to “real-world” scenarios, allowing them to better comprehend topics and concepts while also allowing them to connect with others and build critical thinking and decision-making abilities. When students are requested to give class presentations or reports, panel discussions are especially effective since they allow the entire class to participate in the presentation. Students are given a study topic and asked to make presentations.

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Suhaila Ebrahim AlHashemi
Department of Management, College of Economics & Political Science, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman.

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