Choroidal Fissure Cysts in Children-Dilemma in Follow Up

Background: A tiny cyst in the choroidal fissure characterises choroidal fissure cyst, a developmental variation. These cysts might be neuroglial, neuroepithelial, or arachnoid in nature and are localised to a certain site. These are considered accidental results in standard radiological cross-sectional imaging investigations. Because of their asymptomatic nature or ambiguous complaints, there is a quandary in following up on these cysts, which leads to a lot of controversy.

Methods: Five children aged 10 to 16 years who arrived to the outpatient department with a vague headache, vertigo, or unexplained convulsions had their heads scanned with non-contrast computed tomography (NCCT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to rule out any cerebral pathology.

Three of the patients had pure cysts in the brain, whereas the other two had tuberculomas of varying sizes and types that looked like cysts. NCCT head findings revealed a tiny cyst in the right choroid fissure in one of the brain cyst cases, which included a 14-year-old female. This was eventually confirmed as a choroidal fissure cyst on multiplanar and multisectional plain MRI. Vesicular cysticercosis and posterior fossa arachnoid cyst were the other two cystic diseases. MR spectroscopy confirmed that the other two were tuberculomas with ring enhancement.

Conclusion: Due to the patient’s and clinician’s concerns about follow-up, the case of the choroidal fissure cyst warranted extra care. We looked into the destiny and follow-up of these types of cases in the literature.

Author (s) Details

Shashi Sharma
Department of Pediatrics, SGT Medical College, Gurgaon (Haryana), India.

Dr. B. B. Sharma
Department of Radio-diagnosis, SGT Medical College Budhera (Gurgaon), India.

Manav Sethi
Department of Radio-Diagnosis, SGT Medical College, Hospital & Research Institute, Gurugram, India.

Dr. Puneet Gupta
Department of Radio-diagnosis, SGT Medical College Budhera (Gurgaon), India.

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