Newsletter on Seaweeds Research: September-2018

Seaweeds shelter calcifying marine life from acidifying oceans Seaweeds produce a chemical microenvironment at their surface, providing refuge for calcifying organisms that are in danger from decreasing oceanic pH, shows new analysis revealed within the journal practical Ecology. CO2 within the atmosphere dissolves directly into the water, lowering the pH and creating it more and […]

News Release on Maize Research: September-2018

The detailed new genome for maize shows the plant has deep resources for continued adaptation A much a lot of careful reference ordering for maize has been revealed by researchers. The sequence of polymer letters within the plant’s ten chromosomes reveals however implausibly versatile it’s a characteristic that directly follows from the approach its ordering […]

News Release on Botanical Science: August-2018

Botany: Core microbial community for maize rhizosphere A plant’s health is affected not solely by conditions comparable to water and temperature, however by the microorganisms that live around its roots. This rhizosphere microbiome regulates nutrient availableness to the plant from the soil and might impact plant growth and yields. a global team rumored on the […]

Passing Star May Have Shaped Early Outer Solar System

A close flyby of a Sun-mass star several billion years ago could explain some unusual features observed in the outer Solar System. “We’ve been looking for years at what flybys can do to other planetary systems never considering that we actually might live right in such a system,” said lead author Dr. Susanne Pfalzner, of the Max-Planck-Institut […]

Jupiter Will Be Closer Tonight Than It Has Been In Years – Here’s How To See It

The planet will be in opposition to the sun, which means it’ll be on the exact opposite side of Earth to the sun.  Your best chance of getting a glimpse will be around 1:00 a.m. on May 8th when the gas giant is due south.  Space-watchers, get excited: Jupiter is about to be closer to Earth than […]

Star ‘DNA’ Survey Could Reunite the Sun with Its Long-Lost Siblings

Is the sun due for a cosmic family reunion? A new survey of 1 million stars in the Milky Way galaxy could help astronomers link our sun to its long-lost siblings. The survey will identify stellar “DNA”: the amounts of chemical elements — such as iron, aluminum and oxygen — that the stars contain. Astronomers […]

Chaotic Web of Filaments in a Milky Way Stellar Nursery

Title Chaotic web of filaments in a Milky Way stellar nursery Released 26/03/2018 8:30 am Copyright ESA/Herschel/PACS, SPIRE/Hi-GAL Project. Acknowledgement: UNIMAP / L. Piazzo, La Sapienza – Università di Roma; E. Schisano / G. Li Causi, IAPS/INAF, Italy DescriptionThe plane of the Milky Way is rich in star-forming regions, such as the one pictured in this stunning scene […]