News Release on Big Data Research: September-2018

Big data and technology in disasters: Better integration needed for effective response Disasters are getting a lot of commonplace and sophisticated, and also the challenges for rescue and humanitarian organizations increase. more and more these teams communicate massive knowledge to assist offer solutions. Researchers needed to look at however ICT tools and massive knowledge was […]

News Release on Artificial Intelligence Research: August-2018

‘Blurred face’ news anonymity gets an artificial intelligence spin Researchers have devised how to interchange the employment of ‘blurring’ faces in news reports once obscurity is required. The team’s methodology uses AI (AI) techniques that aim to boost visuals whereas amplifying emotions tied to the story. [1] The AI Advantage: How to Put the Artificial […]

News Release on Spectroscopy Research: August-2018

CIC NanoGUNE Develops Nano-FTIR-Nanoscale Infrared Spectroscopy With A Thermal Source Researchers from the Basque nanoscience center CIC nanoGUNE and Neaspec GmbH (Germany) have developed an instrument that permits for recording infrared spectra with a thermal supply at a resolution that’s one hundred times higher than in typical infrared spectrum analysis. In future, the technique can […]

How to Fly a Drone With Your Body

For real and simulated drones, piloting with torso movements outperforms a joystick every time—and it’s easier to learn Using only the movements of one’s torso to pilot a drone is more intuitive—and more precise—than a joystick, according to new research from engineers at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. The technique, tested in virtual reality […]

New ‘Poké Ball’ robot catches deep-sea critters without harming them

Like a submarine Poké Ball, a new robotic device gently captures and releases deep-sea creatures without a scratch. This critter catcher could be decked out with cameras and other sensors to give scientists an unprecedented view of life in one of Earth’s most mysterious environments. The contraption, designed to be mounted on a remotely operated […]

This exoskeletal outfit gives you superhuman strength, for a price

Say goodbye to back pain, tired arms, and fatigued leg muscles – startup company SuitX promises to take away some of the strains caused by lifting heavy packages with their exoskeletal outfits which can boost your back, legs, and shoulders. Although the suit won’t make your Iron Man dreams come true just yet, it can still help a lot […]


Data gained from a giant telescope in South Africa will help to shape our understanding of the universe and how stars and galaxies are formed. MeerKAT consists of 64 interconnected dishes, each 13.5m in diameter, that together form a single radio telescope. MeerKAT is an impressive South African achievement, assisted by a cohort of international scientists, […]

Solving problems by computer just got a lot faster

A new computer program works smarter, not harder, to solve problems faster than its predecessors. The algorithm is designed to find the best solution to a given problem among all possible options. Whereas other computer programs winnow down the possibilities one at a time, the new program — presented July 12 at the International Conference […]

Long Distance Call: Virginia to Space

Three seconds — that’s how long it took communication to travel from Virginia, through the Mission Control Center at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, bouncing between several satellites, all the way up to the International Space Station, orbiting 250 miles above Earth. But that delay was worth the wait to the more than 800 […]


What if, instead of a black and white X-ray picture, a doctor of a cancer patient had access to colour images identifying the tissues being scanned? This colour X-ray imaging technique could produce clearer and more accurate pictures and help doctors give their patients more accurate diagnoses. This is now a reality, thanks to a […]