Uranus Is Visible within the Night Sky immediately If you recognize wherever and the way to appear

If you’ve got a decent combine of binoculars, a telescope, or probably super powerful eyes, then now could be an excellent time to catch a glimpse of the second-furthest planet in our system – Uranus. That’s right, on United Nations Day, this ice big reached some extent referred to as opposition, once it’s directly in […]

Press Release on Sunspot Research: August-2018

Scientists Create First Comprehensive Computer Model Of Sunspots In a breakthrough that may facilitate scientists unlock mysteries of the sun and its impacts on Earth, scientists have created the first-ever comprehensive pc model of sunspots. The ensuing visuals capture each scientific detail and memorable beauty. The results are printed in the week in a very […]

Scientists May Have Just Found Evidence For Previous Universes That Existed Before Our Own

Scientists have claimed that evidence for past universes may exist in the night sky – namely the remnants of black holes from another universe. As reported by New Scientist, the idea is based around something called conformal cyclic cosmology (CCC). This is the theory that our universe goes through constant cycles of Big Bangs and compressions, rather than […]

Top Five Technologies Needed for a Spacecraft to Survive Deep Space

When a spacecraft built for humans ventures into deep space, it requires an array of features to keep it and a crew inside safe. Both distance and duration demand that spacecraft must have systems that can reliably operate far from home, be capable of keeping astronauts alive in case of emergencies and still be light […]

Astronomers assemble ‘light-fingerprints’ to unveil mysteries of the cosmos

Earthbound detectives rely on fingerprints to solve their cases; now astronomers can do the same, using ‘light-fingerprints’ instead of skin grooves to uncover the mysteries of exoplanets Earthbound detectives rely on fingerprints to solve their cases; now astronomers can do the same, using “light-fingerprints” instead of skin grooves to uncover the mysteries of exoplanets. Cornell […]

“Ghostly Particle” is Confirmed to Have Originated From a Blazar

The “ghostly particle” is confirmed to have originated from a blazar, nearly 4 billion light years from Earth. For the first time, scientists from around the world have detected a source of high-energy cosmic neutrinos — subatomic particles, produced in the aftermath of explosive astrophysical phenoma, that streak across the universe by the billions, leaving […]


Data gained from a giant telescope in South Africa will help to shape our understanding of the universe and how stars and galaxies are formed. MeerKAT consists of 64 interconnected dishes, each 13.5m in diameter, that together form a single radio telescope. MeerKAT is an impressive South African achievement, assisted by a cohort of international scientists, […]

Long Distance Call: Virginia to Space

Three seconds — that’s how long it took communication to travel from Virginia, through the Mission Control Center at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, bouncing between several satellites, all the way up to the International Space Station, orbiting 250 miles above Earth. But that delay was worth the wait to the more than 800 […]

Some of Jupiter’s Moons Are Leaving ‘Footprints’ in Its Aurorae

Since it arrived in orbit around Jupiter in July of 2016, the Juno mission has been sending back vital information about the gas giant’s atmosphere, magnetic field and weather patterns. With every passing orbit – known as perijoves, which take place every 53 days – the probe has revealed things about Jupiter that scientists will rely on […]