Root Studies: What is New? An Extension to a Previous Review of 2013

Recent root studies have included modeling of the soil-root system to quantify the performance of such a complex system. Recent advances in computer sciences and technology have made it more accessible to users of computer sciences, engineering, and life sciences. There are still some limitations because the evolution of millions of years of adaptation to […]

Effect of Zinc Application Biofortification of Zn in Grain of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) Varieties

The goal of this study was to see how some chickpea varieties responded to zinc fertilization. In other words, fertilization is used to increase the zinc (an essential element) content of chickpea grain. A lack of zinc results not only in a decrease in product yield, but also in a decrease in quality. Fertilizer application […]

Studies of Mistletoe Presence on Five Tree Species of Samaru Area, Nigeria

Mistletoe infestations on trees require immediate attention because they reduce the vigor of tree growth and reproduction. There are few or no records on the type of mistletoe species found parasitic on tree species in Samaru. The study aimed to determine the different species of mistletoe parasitic on Albizzia lebbeck, Citrus grandis, Khaya senegalensis, Terminalia […]

Soil Management Investment on Cassava Production in Oyo State, Nigeria

Using cross-sectional data, this study examines soil management investment in cassava production in Ido Local Government Area of Oyo State (Nigeria). Agriculture is a major economic sector in Nigeria, employing the vast majority of the population. Commercialization at the small, medium, and large scale enterprise levels is transforming the sector. Data were collected from 88 […]

Soil pH Interference in the Behavior of Weak Acid Herbicides

Herbicides derived from weak acids can be affected in their sorptive capacity when they interact with soil pH. As a result, when their pH rises, they can reduce their sorption in the soil and increase their leaching. This increases the herbicide’s bioavailability in the soil, resulting in a greater control effect on weeds and crop […]

Cartographic Approach in Studying Landscape Morphology and Dynamics in Northwestern Part of Western Siberia

The structure and dynamics of geosystems: plants of forest and bogs in the northwestern part of Western Siberia are studied using the Kazym-Lyamin interfluve, which is based on a landscape assessment map for the middle part of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District. The landscape structural-dynamical approach and methods for studying the spatio-temporal dynamics of taiga geosystems […]

Techniques for Amelioration of Trace Metal Contaminated Soils

Trace metals are present in small amounts in the environment and are ubiquitous. The geological substrate is typically the primary reservoir of trace elements, followed by the oceans, soil, biota, and atmosphere. Trace metal contamination refers to their anthropogenic accumulation, which may or may not cause harm to the system or organism. Soil is an […]

Greenhouse Evaporation Measuring Methods for Estimation of Reference Evapotranspiration

Various methods for estimating reference evapotranspiration (ETo) within greenhouses are used due to the large area occupied by a Class A pan. The depth of evapotranspiration is influenced by spatial changes. The findings of the research on what pan coefficient (Kp) should be used inside the greenhouse are inconclusive. As a result, the primary goal […]

Determination of the Critical Level and Development of Phosphorus Fertilizer According to the Soil Test in the Rape Dry Farming of Canola (Brassica napus L)

For determining the critical level and development of phosphorus fertilizer required for canola “Brassica napus L” Hayola 401 figure based on the soil test in the dry framing 16 tests in four places and in each place four tests in four groups of phosphorus usable in the soil (less than 3 ppm, 3-6 ppm, 6- […]

Pullout Capacity of a Vertical Plate Anchor Embedded in Cohesion-less Soil

In this document, the ultimate cohesion-less pullout capability of a shallow laid vertical plate strip anchor  With the consideration of active and passive limit equilibrium states in the soil, the soil is analysed.  The equation of Kötter is used to measure the active and passive thrusts that are subsequently used in  Analysis in which all […]