Probiotics – Isolated from Pickles (Fermented Vegetables) in Sichuan of China

The most common probiotics are lactic acid bacteria, which are frequently employed in fermented foods, medication, feed, and beverages. Pickles are fermented vegetables cooked by common Chinese families in Sichuan region and Chongqing. Lactic acid bacteria are common in Sichuan pickles. By constructing disease models in experimental mice, the benefits of Lactobacillus isolated from Sichuan […]

Security Issues in a Changing Asian Region

The book “Security Issues in a Changing Asian Region” examines the region’s geopolitical architecture from the late twentieth century to the year 2020. It delves into the key sources of regional threats to peace and security, as well as the political, social, and security factors that stymie regional growth and interregional cooperation. This research focuses […]

Philosophy of Suffering

The great representative of world philosophical thought, F. Nietzsche, is known for his intense and enthusiastic ideas in his work “Thus Spoke Zarathustra.” Via Zarathustra, he shared the philosophy of man and life, as well as mental suffering. Professor Narzulla Juraev, an Uzbek scientist and heir of Zarathustra’s philosophical thinking, uses F. Nietzsche to explain […]

The Crossroad of the Divine

A “compilation of wisdom” is a prospectus of spiritual thought or Veda, such as this “Crossroad of the Divine.” Upanishads are Vedic collections of poems, ritual guidance, monographs, and philosophical teachings. The Upanishads, which number 108, are learning instruments that date back to about 3000 BCE in India’s Indus Valley. The term “Upanishad” refers to […]

Frame Your Project

The title of this book alludes to sociology’s interconnections with other current institutions. As time progresses, new technologies occur, new difficulties and pains arise, new solutions are required, and new research must be implemented and made available. All of these improvements must be investigated, and the method for doing so is known as “sociology.” Health […]

Pragmatics: Why do We Need It?

In culture, interactions between individuals are inevitable. Many invisible meanings give space to these interactions. Whose inquiry is known as pragmatics. Pragmatics, in other words, is the linguistic area in which invisible meanings are found. The manner in which language is used is dealt with. The meaning of the speaker, the meaning of the word, […]

Latest Research on Islamic Studies Research: Sep – 2019

The criminality of women Man’s misconception regarding girls looks to own been excessive with reference to crime. Criminal statistics that support the read of the shortage of criminalness in girls area unit the smallest amount reliable of all statistics. For crimes to be faithfully reported  they have to have 3 criteria, that woman’s crimes lack: […]

Latest News on English Teachers Research: Sep – 2019

Non‐Native‐Speaker English Teachers The non‐native speaker (NNS) movement seeks to empower English academics WHO don’t seem to be native speakers of English. What began twenty years past as an endeavor by a number of students within the us has currently unfold worldwide. whereas most goals of the movement are achieved, discrimination against NNS English academics […]