Evaluation of Social Sustainability and QoL in Residential Neighborhoods of Baku City

Within the city, the actual processing of neighborhood transformation is segregation based on economic status. Since 2017, new rich-people districts in Baku have emerged, with the territory generally physically limited by high fences. Following that, there is clearly a growing process of dissatisfaction among the middle and creative classes of people. Most people agree that […]

Student ReflecStudent Reflective Practices tive Practices

Scholars have long advocated for reflective practices for professionals and students. However, it is unclear whether significant attention has been paid to determining whether students have an inherent proclivity for the practice of reflection. A study was conducted to determine whether students have a proclivity for reflection and, if so, how that proclivity manifests itself. […]

Capacity Building of ASHA at the Monthly Meeting Platforms IN PHC and CHC in Uttar Pradesh, India

Introduction: Women community health workers have been identified as a key strategy for addressing the emerging shortage of health workers in developing countries. The ASHAs are established by the state as part of the Government of India’s National Rural Health Mission to provide health care at the grassroots level. Capacity-building initiatives and the empowerment of […]

Assessment Techniques for Prospective Early Childhood Education Teachers: A Comparative Investigational Study in Greece and Cyprus

Assessment in preschool education is a multi-dimensional, intricate, ongoing, and dynamic process that necessitates the use of appropriate, innovative, effective, and alternative techniques because it benefits all entities involved in the educational process by providing a clear and visible picture of all the true dimensions of learning, functioning, and development. The current investigational approach’s goal […]

An Exploratory Discourse on Labour Unrest and Industrial Peace

This exploratory conversation is about labor unrest and industrial peace. It was necessitated by the economic damage caused by industrial unrest and the urgent need to address the phenomenon. The country is dealing with the consequences of poor governance and financial illiteracy in the public sector. The inability to pay salaries and fund institutions is […]

The Reflection on Architectural Discourse of 1920’s: Musical Urbanism between Radicalism and Tradition

Following World War I, a number of compositions emerged that addressed the phenomenon of the modern city by translating the clamorous sounds of urban surroundings and artistically expressing them through the medium of music. Because the rendering of poetic and esoteric moods unrelated to practical life was widely regarded as outmoded, musical preoccupation with modern […]

Morale and Job Satisfaction Levels among Teachers in Tanzania: A Case of Selected Public Secondary Schools in the Northern Zone

A case study was conducted on the role of extrinsic factors (hygiene factors) and socio-demographic factors in determining morale and job satisfaction among teachers in Tanzanian public secondary schools. Biographical variables such as teachers’ age, gender, marital status, and work experience were investigated to see if they had any effect on their level of morale […]

Job Attribute Preferences of Generation Y Professionals

This study investigates the job attribute preferences of Bangladeshi Generation Y professionals. Unlike most previous studies, which used isolated estimation methods, this study used conjoint analysis, a marketing research tool, to calculate the relative utilities and trade-off matrices of various job attributes. A questionnaire presenting a variety of hypothetical job offers was used to collect […]

The Extension of Wittgenstein’s Language Games: Schema Games

Wittgenstein’s concept of “language games” is generalized to “schema games,” and can thus be applied to a universal epistemological approach, according to the author’s methodological scheme interpretationism. This will also incorporate existing natural science and neuroscience results and hypotheses while meta-theoretically transcending the terminologically all too narrow “lingualistic” interpretations of representation, cognition, and action. Author […]

Are You doing the Right Things? Initial Stages of Individuals Change Management: Identify, Acknowledge and Make a Courageous Move Framework

In sports, too little attention has been paid concerning why changes are important for personal development and who exactly should notice when a change in personal activities would be needed. People themselves do not necessarily recognize that their efforts and goals are not in good sync. When this happens, they make changes to their routines, […]