Psychosocial Considerations on Victims of Traumatic Events: An Approach from the Experience in an Assistance Unit of the Peruvian Public Department

The current study looks at several key psychosocial aspects of victimological care for those who have been the victims of misdemeanours and crimes. As a result, 14 scenarios relating to supported cases at Peru’s Immediate Unit Assistance for Victims and Witnesses were chosen. Situations that have been investigated by combining various theoretical, epistemological, and methodological […]

Short Question for ICAR JRF, SRF and Assam Public Service Commission along with Answer

This book will assist students who are interested in applying for Junior Research Fellowship and Senior Research Fellowship Examinations for further education at a reputable institution. When students pass these exams, they are awarded a substantial sum of money in addition to the opportunity to study. Apart from these exams, this book will assist you […]

First Identification in Forensic Odontology Endorsed by the American Justice: A Brief Story

Georges Parkman was born in the year 1790. In 1813, he enrolled at Harvard Medical College to study medicine. Webster assassinated Parkman in 1849. Although the latter’s body was never found, his dental prosthesis was later discovered and identified. Webster was arrested and charged with murder. Parkman’s personal dentist examined the dental prostheses and positively […]

The Shaping Power of Monstrosity and Grotsquery in the Post-Apocalyptic Setting of Jeff VanderMeer’s Borne and Dead Astronauts

The study aims to examine Jeff VanderMeer’s ‘Borne’ and ‘Dead Astronauts’ to describe how the shaping power of monstrosity, weirdness, complexity, and grotesquery in a post-apocalyptic setting can be best appreciated when certain religious tropes are applied to the analysis of the novel’s unfolding events. Biblical tropes can help connect the present situation to a […]

A Socio-Legal Study of the Right of Aged People to Live in Dignity

Modernization and globalization have aided India’s technological advancement, but certain constitutional ideals no longer meet the essence of time and the needs of the elderly to live in dignity. The purpose of this article is to highlight the social and legal issues that elderly people face in terms of living with dignity and deprivation of […]

Variation of Ownership Structure and Firm Efficiency: An Empirical Evidence

Malaysia’s firm ownership structure has shifted as business organizations thrive and the national economy expands. Furthermore, it has changed as a result of the government’s economic transition, industrialization, and privatization policies implemented over the last four decades. Firms with various ownership structures may be said to have varying levels of efficiency. Highly concentrated firms are […]

Problem-based Learning in Macroeconomics at Tertiary Level in Trinidad and Tobago: Students Speak Out

This paper presents the perspectives of sixteen undergraduates at Sunshine University, a tertiary institution in Trinidad and Tobago. For the first time, the undergraduates studied Macroeconomics using the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) approach. It is important to note that they were very enthusiastic about learning using the PBL strategy. Furthermore, they were willing to deviate from […]

Study on Aesthetics, Art and Sport: A Perspective towards “Argument from Intertwining”

Significant Enlightenment philosophers in aesthetics, such as Schopenhauer and Hegel, form the foundation of many of our aesthetic ideas. After briefly unpacking their ideas in this regard, I argue that such philosophers are unable to deal with non-mimetic art, such as abstract painting, and that their views on aesthetics only apply to a subset of […]

Understanding Motivations and Experiences of Foster Families in Portugal

Foster care is almost non-existent in the childcare system, and according to scientific research conducted in Portugal, foster care accounts for 2.7 percent of out-of-home care in the country. This study aims to increase public awareness of the care phenomenon by focusing on foster families in particular. This study used a qualitative analytical approach influenced […]

Alternative Theories in Education for Fostering Creativity for Social and Global Responsibility

In order to effectively address society’s most pressing needs, it is critical to foster creativity in children and youth toward social and global responsibility and inclusiveness. This article suggests alternative methods for improving creativity teaching and learning. based on humanistic principles and pedagogy for increasing students’ ability to add value to their lives and communities […]