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Systemic Modelling of Soil Water Thermodynamics

In this member, we provide the intrinsic definition of three key thermodynamic variables, building on former theorizations of the systemic approach to open systems like soils. Temperature is delineated as the internal strength of the molecules that make up a fluid step (“α “); entropy is delimited as the ratio of two administrative variables of […]

Thermal Efficiency of a Box-Type Solar Cooker during Rainy Seasons

This paper examines the computation of depiction parameters for a box-type cosmic cooker in a substitute-Saharan country during the rainy season, when cosmic activity is considerably attenuated on account of frequent cloudy periods. The experiments were attended at the Laboratory of Fundamental and Applied Physical Sciences of the École Normale Supérieure (ENS) in Abidjan in […]

Hydrogen Storage in Salt Caverns. Case Study Poza de la Sal, Burgos (Spain)

Large-scale subversive storage of H2 (UHS) includes injecting hydrogen into a geological establishment. This technology plays an important part in the low-diffusion energy arrangement by providing the large depository capacities wanted to buffer migratory energy demand. It allows the cautious storage of big volumes of hydrogen, at press, with extreme energy densities, outside the environmental […]

IoT Based Energy Efficient Water Supply Monitoring and Security System for Agriculture

Agronomics is the powerful pillar of Indian frugality and it deserves to be remodelled. To overcome backwardness of usual methods of farming and to enhance the crop production, to prevent the risk of damaging crops, and commotion efficient use of water possessions, the latest science of Internet of things (IoT) is playing a important role […]

Providing a Desired Compression Ratio for Better Portable Graphics Encoder of Color Images

In this affiliate, the task of providing a desired condensation ratio (CR) is thought-out for the lossy compression of color figures by better portable drawings (BPG) encoder. This encoder is characterized by many benefits distinguished to other new encoders according to rate-deformity performance and additional important conveniences. However, the produced CR for a likely value […]

Essentials for Smart Sustainable Cities: Streamlining and Enabling Managers and Leaders for Effective Actions

This study aims to facilitate the wide range of news surrounding smart cities and extract the basics to enable rulers and managers to take effective conduct toward fostering a smart tenable city culture and reality. The idea of smart cities is versatile, encompassing miscellaneous definitions and real-realm applications. To provide clearness to entrepreneurs and public […]

Magnetic and Gamma-ray Airborne Survey Synopsis – Geophysical Flight

Geophysical surveys are essential for mineral exploration, terrestrial studies, and analysis worldwide. Advanced geophysical supplies has improved aerial dossier quality, but this study focuses on by virtue of what soil moisture, atmospheric humidness, and soil variations affect gamma spectrometric dossier collected during occurring in the air surveys. The findings show that these factors impact calculations […]

Role of Artificial Intelligence – Revolution in Medical Science

To accomplish good and affordable healthcare for all society has been a needing immediate attention for governments and organizations worldwide for a very long time. Especially, in the healthcare domain. Artificial Intelligence (AI) shows potential in the medical field to recognize illnesses, assist doctors, uncover drugs, laboratory medicine, etc. This science can assist clinicians in […]

Use of Stokes’ Stream Function for Interactive Visualization System of Taylor Vortex Flow

The facet ratio, which is the percentage of the cylinder distance to the space between the cylinders, and the Reynolds number, that is inferred from the inner barrel’s velocity, are two together key variables in this study. Taylor’s vortices create torses regularly superimposed into the breach between false accusation and the bearing. The appearance of […]

Emerging Systems Analysis and Artificial Intelligence: Multigrammatical Assessment of Resilience of Industrial Systems to Destructive Impacts

The objective concerning this paper is formulation of approximate criteria for acknowledgment of resilience and exposure of large-scale modern systems (ISs) to hurtful impacts (DIs). The multigrammatical framework (MGF) is used for this purpose. A technological base of an IS is depicted by a unitary multiset syntax, an order completed – by a multiset, in […]

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