A Study on the Contribution of Contact Interface Area on Sensitivity of PEDOT: PSS Films to Jasmine Aroma

This paper examines the contributions of various areas in a sensor, such as surface area, which is largely determined by the sensing material’s properties, and metal to sensing film contact area, which is determined by the type of contact formed, either ohmic or rectifying depending on the sensing material’s work function. In general, a sensor’s […]

Investigation on the Real Time Appliance Management and Control System for Smart Home/Office Automation

The term “smart” now refers to the entire globe, with terms like “smart city,” “smart phone,” and “smart watch” being used interchangeably. This project’s research focuses on the potential of full home/office control, which is the long-term goal of a real-time monitoring and control system. This project examines and implements home automation technology that uses […]

The Entire Life Cycle of the Universe is a One Period Sine Wave.: Negative to Positive Half Cycle of Sine Wave Represents Active State Whereas Positive to Negative Half Cycle Represents the Latent State of the Universe

As we all know, everything has a life cycle. Living species, non-living items, governments, the world, astronomical bodies, the solar system, galaxies, and the cosmos all have a life cycle. According to Fourier, a sine wave can explain any physical occurrence. Any arbitrary signal or physical phenomenon is made up of a dc (constant) part, […]

If Space and Time are Necessary Conditions for the Universe, then Mass and Energy are Sufficient, Anybody can be Transformed into Any Other Condition without Difficulty

Our universe is teeming with enigmas. The universe is actually a form of encoded information. The universe uses a universal language to communicate with us. The problem is that decoding the secrets is tough in order to comprehend the laws that govern the universe’s operation. Some of the universe’s parameters are clear, and they can […]

The Shape of the Higgs Field and the Shape of the Gravitational Field Impacts in Wave Propagation Methods: Scientific Explanation

A strong enough gravitational field evens out the surface of the celestial body over a threshold massM c, forming an elliptical shape. Small comets and asteroids can adopt any shape since their gravitational forces are insufficient to smooth out their surfaces. However, large celestial bodies like the Moon, Sun, and Earth have strong enough gravitational […]

On a Macroscopic Scale, Space–Time Symmetry makes Particle’s Universe the Same as Anti– Particle’s Universe, Whereas Particles on a Microscopic Scale, Charge Symmetry Makes Atom and Anti–Atom the Same

Every particle has an anti-particle counterpart. When any amount of anti-particle collides with a particle, it instantly annihilates itself and generates energy. The space-time symmetry is what makes a particle’s Universe and an anti-Universe particle’s precisely the same. Both Universe pairs appear to be identical on a macroscopic scale. The charge symmetry is what makes […]

Prosecuting the ‘Psychological Set’: Polygraph’s Silver Bullet Unmasked?

The formation of differential or emotional salience (a ‘psychological set’) with an examinee is required for a polygraph examination to be successful. This, according to polygraph proponents, ensures that an examinee will reply appropriately during the delivery of the polygraph examination’s in-test (questioning) phase. However, as defined by its regulating body, the polygraph technique The […]

Study of the Mineral Composition and Its Connection with Some Properties Important for the Sludge Flocculation Process-Examples from Omarska Mine: A Comparative Approach

The primary goal of this research is to characterise the mineralogical properties of two sludge samples collected from hydro-cyclone overflow created during the processing of iron ore at the Omarska mine. A comparison of mineral composition and its relationship with key features relevant to the sludge flocculation process was also carried out. Major goethite and […]

Study on Behavioral Change Interventions and New Digital Technologies: An Energy-Saving Related Behaviors Survey

The advent of digital technology has altered our lives. Energy conservation is one area where behavioural intervention and new digital technology have transformed study. ICT systems, for example, enable users to manage their energy consumption and improve their energy efficiency. As a result, the end user profile evaluation is a critical tool for laying the […]

The Formation of a Homogeneous Fine-Grained Structure of the Casting of a Metal Part by the Method of Layer-by-Layer Cooling

The development of vacuum casting technique with directional crystallisation of the casting is the subject of this article. Layer-by-layer cooling of a casting is examined, which assures that a casting with a consistent fine-grained metal structure is formed. This effect is achieved by the cooling liquid slowly filling the cooled mould cavity due to a […]