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Load Damaging Effects of Overloaded Trucks on Federal Highway Pavement Structures in Nigeria

The study’s purpose is to establish Nigeria’s present serviceability rating as well as the consequences of overloaded vehicles on load damage. The researchers employed AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) methodologies. The highway sections of Lokoja-Abuja, Ilorin-Jebba, and Abakiliki-Ogoja through Mbok highways were chosen for this research, and data was acquired using […]

PEROBVC Estimating Method

A blend of two or more sequences of empirical variances has frequently appeared as a sequence of empirical variances. The distributions of these sequences differ. Then there’s the issue of estimating the variance of the fundamental distribution. The Perg mixed distribution of empirical variances is discussed, which is made up of two distributions: the basic […]

Robust PEROBLS 3 Method of Least Squares

In regression models, outliers, or results with large errors, are almost always present. As a result, it’s critical to investigate the regression with as few outliers as feasible. So, in order to address this issue, I investigated a novel resilient Least Square (LS) Method based on a genuine stochastical model and dubbed after the author […]

Assessment of High Accuracy 3D Shape Analysis

When absorption or scattering is high, form measuring accuracy is roughly 100 wavelengths, but scatterometry can increase it to about a wavelength. Because scatterometry utilises a calculation approach that can strictly account for diffraction and polarisation, the computation time and memory requirements are much higher than for an approximation method that does not. As a […]

Treasure Hunt on Web-Predicated Distributed Systems

Analytics are crucial in the information era. A variety of steps must be taken to fulfill the predicted increased demand for highly recognized analytical talents. Although there are several resources for learning analytics, none of them give immersive, hands-on experience dealing with large data sets. Analyttica Data Labs Pvt Ltd created Treasure Hunt, a learning […]

Advances in High Energy Physics: Panacea to Multifaceted Environmental, Foreign Medical Tourism and National Security Problems in Nigeria

The unfavourable state of our environment, which is polluted with black soot and other pollutants, particularly in the Niger Delta; the ruling class’s massive expenditure on foreign medical tourism; and the rate of killings and kidnappings by terrorist groups such as Boko Haram, the Islamic State’s West Africa Province (ISWAP), the Herdsmen, and ravaging bandits […]

Study on the Developmental Written Performance by Enhancing Internal Parallelism of Solid State Drives

Most Solid State Drive architectural research focuses on Flash Translation Layer (FTL) algorithms and wear levelling; however, intrinsic parallelism in Solid State Drives has received less attention. I presented a novel technique to increase SSD write speed by increasing intrinsic parallelism within SSDs in this study. An SDRAM buffer is used to buffer and schedule […]

Study on Corrosion Resistant Materials for Centrifugal Pump Impeller

An impeller is a rotating component that increases or decreases fluid flow and pressure and is used in a variety of sectors including aeroplanes, automobiles, medicine, and power plants. Bronze and hardened steel impellers quickly decay when exposed to harmful media such as waste water, saltwater, sewage, chlorine, bromine, and a range of chemicals in […]

The Effects of Frequency and Pivot Flexibility on the Dynamic Properties of Tilting-Pad Journal Bearings

Tilting-pad journal bearings (TPJB) dynamic modelling must take into account the frequency dependency of the dynamic parameters, according to tribologists. Blades, impellers, and seals in industrial compressors, turbines, and other rotating devices cause instability, resulting in dominating vibratory frequencies that are often significantly different from rotational frequency. Though the literature has supplied relevant methodologies and […]

E-Waste Management in Northern Coimbatore, India: A Pilot Study

The electronic industry is the world’s largest and fastest-growing manufacturing sector. E-waste is trash electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) that has been utilised as a product and has all of its pieces at the end of its life cycle. Most electronic devices, such as computers, cellphones, circuit boards, toys, cables, and so on, are often […]

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