The Uncertainty Principle: A Variable Concept. It Depends on the Complex Physical Time Only

According to the uncertainty principle, the quantity of uncertainty in a particle’s velocity multiplied by the quantity of uncertainty in a particle’s position is a constant. To put it another way, the more certain a particle’s velocity is, the less certain it is about its position, and vice versa. The focus of this chapter will […]

Symmetry between Shape and Orbit of Astronomical Bodies

In geometry, a sphere is the ideal shape. When enough mass clumps together to form an astronomical body, it tends to take the shape of a sphere. Any celestial body, regardless of its material composition, can achieve spherical form with a diameter of a few hundred kilometres. However, celestial bodies always deviate slightly from their […]

Trace Element Analysis of Dental Powders by X-Ray Fluorescence Technique: A Recent Study

The current study will focus on the experimental method, the elements that should be found in dental powder, and the findings. Medical research has shown that Hg is continuously emitted as vapour into oral air, inhaled, absorbed into body tissues, oxidised to ionic Hg, and finally covalently bonded to cell proteins throughout the last decade. […]

On the Design of a Yaw Colloidal Damper Used to Suppress the Hunting Motion and to Improve the Travelling Stability of a Bullet Train

The yaw damper is a primary source of excitation for the railway carbody’s flexural vibration. To decrease the transmission of such unwanted excitation, the yaw damper should allow for substantial force transmission at low working frequencies while acting as a vibration isolator at higher working frequencies. Unfortunately, the yaw oil damper, which is now in […]

Study on Thermomagnetic Conversion of Low-grade Waste Heat into Electrical Power

This chapter presents a theoretical analysis based on the thermal modelling of a Curie wheel, which is used to convert low-grade waste heat into electrical power. It enables designers to better understand the thermal behaviour of a Curie wheel in steady-state operation. A stationary one-dimensional analytical thermal model based on a Lagrangian technique was created […]

Multiple Geomatic Techniques for Analyzing Coastline Retreat: The Case of Gerra Beach (Cantabrian Coast, Spain)

Strong winter storms batter the beaches of the Cantabrian coast (northern Spain), causing the coastline to recede. The coastal retreat of the Gerra beach (Cantabria) is investigated in this chapter through a diachronic study using the following geomatic techniques: orthophotography from 1956; photogrammetric flights from 2001, 2005, 2010, 2014, and 2017; LiDAR survey from August […]

Geomatics Techniques for Monitoring the Retreat of Coastal Sandy Systems: Somo Beach (Cantabrian Coast, Spain, 1875–2017)

Geomatics tools (historical cartography, photogrammetry, topography, and terrestrial laser scanning (TLS)) were used to examine the dynamics and evolution of a coastal sandy system over the last 142 years (1875–2017). The continuous beach–dune system is a particularly active restricting sand barrier that closes an estuary system where coastal infrastructure and dwellings are damaged. Historical cartography, […]

Mapping of Students’ Learning Progression Based on Mental Model in Magnetic Induction Concepts

The teacher has not been observing student learning progress in a learning process to its full potential. The mental processes that occur in pupils’ thinking are not assessed, and the notion being taught is examined solely at the end of learning as a product of thinking. Facilitating students’ thinking through new phenomena can reveal students’ […]

Investigation of Distribution of Mass and Energy in Closed Model of the Universe

In the closed cosmic model, the horizon distance and volume of the universe are calculated. For t tme, the cosmic horizon distance distribution increases continuously, but for t > tme, it decreases. However, because to the shift of the universe space from flat to curved then closed in the interval 15.1261 Gyr t tme, the […]

Investigating the Distribution of Mass and Energy in Five General Cosmic Models

In the light of five general cosmic models that were constructed in a previous study, distributions of the universe horizon distance and volume were explored. Both distributions rise slowly until t 21.5444 Myr, when they begin to rise very quickly until t 60 Gyr. After that, they gradually increase again until t 124 Gyr. The […]