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Evaluation of Bonded Joints by Cohesive Zone Models: A Descriptive Study

Cohesive Zone Models (CZM) are commonly used to forecast adhesive junction strength. This research investigates the impact of various analytical conditions, especially cohesive parameters, utilised in CZM simulations to represent a thin adhesive layer in single-lap joints (SLJ) under tensile stress, on strength prediction under various geometrical and material circumstances. The researchers looked several adhesives […]

Use of Advanced Numerical Methods for the Strength Prediction of Peel-dominated Bonded Joints

The use of adhesive bonding on composite structures necessitates the use of trustworthy design tools to precisely analyse the behaviour of the joints. The eXtended Finite Element Approach (XFEM) is a novel method for forecasting the fracture behaviour of joined’ joints in this context. The purpose of this study is to use XFEM to analyse […]

Mathematical Description of Fluid Flow in a Porous Medium

In the combined region, a mathematical model and a numerical approach for the investigation are offered. A porous medium through which the liquid travels and a zone lacking a porous structure make up this area (free zone). Based on an interpenetrating heterogeneous model, the flow is described with a single equation for the weight area. […]

Analyzing the Effect of Energy Anisotropy on Electromagnetic Ordinary Mode and Purely Transverse Extraordinary Mode

The effects of energy anisotropy on the Ordinary mode (O-mode) and the exclusively transverse Extraordinary mode have been investigated (X-mode). The generic dispersion relations for O-mode and X-mode have been developed using kinetic theory. Energy anisotropy, magnetic field to density ratio (_0/ p), and plasma beta _ were used to calculate the stability condition and […]

The Whole Theory of this Universe- A Step Forward to Einstein Part-2nd Static Universe

If energy moves across space without a source, there cannot be any hot or cold zones in this cosmos. Due to the free flow of energy, the cosmos must achieve a uniform temperature and should become a thermostat with a constant temperature. When mass equals zero, the wavelength equals zero, implying that there is no […]

Characterization of the Acoustics of a Quarter-Ellipsoid Shaped Auditorium

In this paper, the characteristics of a harmonic plane wave in 1D are examined and applied to a quarter-ellipsoid auditorium model. The goal is to shed light on the benefits and drawbacks of this design, which is similar to several popular auditoria. Transmission loss, reverberation, performance disturbance, and frequency variations will be the major focus […]

Structural Changes in UHMWPE Reactor Powders during Sintering under Different Conditions

The change in the structure of the ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) nascent reactor powder during sintering at various temperatures and pressures was examined using the DSC method to elucidate the effect of processing parameters on the structure. Scanning electron microscopy revealed that the primary morphological units of the UHMWPE reactor powder investigated are crystalline lamellae. Because […]

Quantum Gravity: An Approach to Dynamics and Kinetic Energy of Photons

The function of the effects of the gravitational field at the microscopic and macroscopic scales is shown by quantum gravitational theory, which is based on the notion of the absolute reference system. The quantum nature of gravitational potential is investigated, as well as the dynamics and kinetic energy of photons and elementary particles under the […]

NMR Study of the Domain Wall Pinning in Lithium Ferrite under the Influence of Low-frequency and Pulsed Magnetic Fields

For the first time, a comparison of domain wall pinning in lithium ferrite under the influence of low-frequency and pulsed magnetic fields was conducted. The strong effect of modification of the echo signal decay envelope in lithium ferrite under the influence of a mild low-frequency magnetic field has been noticed and exploited for domain wall […]

Determination of Photoacoustic Detection in Michelson Interferometer Cavity

In an attempt to link the photoacoustic effect to the Michelson fringe shift as a result of changes in the cell, we present photoacoustic (PA) signal detection in a cell positioned within the Michelson interferometer cavity. IR absorption was used to evaluate both detection systems, and their sensitivities were compared. The absorbed energy is released […]

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