Latest News on Corneal: April 2020

APPLANATION TONOMETRY AND CENTRAL CORNEAL THICKNESS Readings with the Goldmann applanation tonometer were made at various intraocular hydrostatic pressures and compared with central corneal thickness and radius in rabbit and in man. Linear correlations were established between hydrostatic pressure and applanation readings, with correlation coefficients close to 1.0. In rabbits the tonometer readings were generally […]

Latest News on Visual Impairment: March – 2020

Visual Impairment in Diabetes Visual acuity was measured in a population-based study of diabetic retinopathy in southern Wisconsin. Persons diagnosed prior to 30 years of age and taking insulin (younger onset, n = 996) and those diagnosed at 30 years of age or older (older onset, n = 1370) were examined. [1] Causes and prevalence […]

News Update on Corneal Research: Dec – 2019

Corneal Graft Survival and Visual Outcome: A Multicenter Study Purpose: The reconstructive surgery Follow-up Study has followed 2385 membrane transplants performed inside the united kingdom and conjointly the Republic of ireland for up to 450 days to quantify factors influencing surgical procedure survival and visual outcome 3 and twelve months postoperatively. Methods: advanced analyses of […]

News Update on Blindness Research: Dec – 2019

Change blindness Although at any instant we tend to expertise an expensive, elaborate visual world, we tend to don’t use such visual details to create a stable illustration across views. Over the past 5 years, researchers have centered progressivelyd more} on ‘change blindness’ (the inability to discover changes to an object or scene) as a […]

Latest Research on Eye Care: Dec – 2019

Referral Patterns of Uveitis in a Tertiary Eye Care Center Objective: to research the referral patterns and identification of rubor throughout the past decade in a very massive tertiary eye center. Design:  The records of 1237 patients with rubor cited the medical specialty Service of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear healthcare facility from 1982 to […]

News Update on Cataract Surgery Research: Dec – 2019

Femtosecond laser–assisted cataract surgery Femtosecond laser–assisted cataract surgery affords surgeons an interesting new option to probably improve patient outcomes and protection. Over the past 2 years, four precise laser systems have been delivered into the marketplace. The creation of this new generation has been followed by a host of recent medical, logistical, and monetary challenges […]