Latest Research News on Food Hygiene : May 21

[1] The evaluation of food hygiene knowledge, attitudes, and practices of food handlers’ in food businesses in Turkey The purpose of this study was to evaluate knowledge, attitudes, and practices concerning food safety issues among food handlers in Turkey, conducting face to face interview and administrating questionnaire. Of the 764 food handlers who responded, 9.6% […]

Latest Research on Fruit and Vegetables : May 21

[1] Fruit and vegetables, and cardiovascular disease: a review Increased interest in the potential cardio-protective effects of fruit and vegetables is currently unsupported by systematic reviews of the reported associations of these foods with risk. METHOD: All ecological, case-control, cohort studies and unconfounded trials in humans were eligible for inclusion. Eligible outcomes were symptomatic coronary […]

Latest News on ButterMilk : Nov 2020

Heat Stability of Buttermilk Buttermilk prepared on a laboratory scale from raw cream, or on a commercial scale from flash-pasteurized cream (90°C for 1 to 2 s), exhibited a type B heat coagulation time-pH profile (i.e., stability increased as a function of pH). The high heat stability of buttermilk in the pH range of the […]

Latest News on Food Science : Nov 2020

Metabolomics: applications to food science and nutrition research Metabolomics is an emerging field of “omics” research that focuses on high-throughput characterization of small molecule metabolites in biological matrices. As such, metabolomics is ideally positioned to be used in many areas of food science and nutrition research. This review focuses on the recent trends and potential […]

Latest News on Food Additives Research: Nov – 2019

Primary mutagenicity screening of food additives currently used in Japan Salmonella/microsome tests (Ames tests) and aberrance tests in vitro employing a Chinese gnawer formative cell cell line were applied on a hundred ninety artificial food additives and fifty two food additives derived from natural sources, all of that ar presently employed in Japan. Fourteen out […]

News Update on Energy Drink Research: Nov – 2019

Efficacy of a ‘functional energy drink’ in counteracting driver sleepiness Driver temporary state may be a major explanation for serious road crashes. occasional is usually used as an efficient measure to driver temporary state. However, the caffein levels in occasional ar variable, whereas sure proprietary “functional energy drinks” (FEDs) contain best-known levels of caffein (and […]

Latest Research on Dietary Intake: Oct – 2019

Dietary Intake and Bioavailability of Polyphenols The main dietary sources of polyphenols square measure reviewed, and also the daily intake is calculated for a given diet containing some common fruits, vegetables and beverages. phenolic resin acids account for regarding one third of the entire intake and flavonoids account for the remaining 2 thirds. the foremost […]