Pancreatic Cystic Lesions- Imaging Based Classification and Proposal for Therapeutic Guidelines

Introduction: Because of the growing use of cross-sectional imaging, cystic lesions of the pancreas are becoming more often detected. As a result, it’s critical to identify cystic neoplasms from pseudocysts and to describe cystic neoplasms of the pancreas. The goal of this study is to develop a categorization system for cystic pancreatic lesions based on […]

Advanced Studies on Protein Induced by Vitamin K Absence or Antagonist II-Producing Gastric Cancer

PIVKA-II (protein induced by vitamin K deficiency or antagonist II) is a potential hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) specific marker, however it can also be produced by a small number of stomach cancers. So far, 16 cases of PIVKA-II-producing stomach cancer have been reported, two of which were reported by us and all of which were discovered […]

Current Advanced Studies on Adenomyoma of the Small Intestine

Adenomyoma of the gastrointestinal system is a rare benign tumor-like condition. The small intestine is the second most common place, with the lesion most commonly occurring in the periampullary region, however it can also occur in the jejunum and ileum. While adult patients are most usually diagnosed with Vaterian adenomyoma, children account for more than […]

Increased Prevalence of Renal Diseases, Metabolic Syndrome and Fragmented Germ Cells with Reduced Endogenous Estrogen and Androgen: A Brief Study

Background: Following the implementation of contraception and abortion in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, there was an unexplained increase in the prevalence of kidney illnesses. The goal is to find an altruistic association between the rise in the prevalence of kidney disorders – metabolic syndrome – and the use of contraception as a possible cause […]

Studies on Increasing Prevalence of Osteoporosis, Hypothyroidism and Endogenous Oestrogen

Background: During the adoption of contraception as part of the Family Welfare Program between 1983 and 1989, women reported crippling low back aches and weight increase that they attributed to puerperal sterilisation. As a result, we looked for any possible links to contraception. Methods: Between 1995 and 2012, we conducted a retrospective investigation of the […]

Studies on Increased Prevalence of Hernia, Uterine Descent, Fibrous Adhesions, Retroperitoneal Fibrosis and Germ Cells with Endogenous Estrogen

Background: Increased prevalence of hernias, uterine descent, fibrous adhesions manifesting as colic abdominal pain, retroperitoneal fibrosis, intestinal obstruction, and volvulus were observed during the era of contraception and abortions [20th, 21st century] adopted as family welfare schemes. The researchers wanted to see if there was an altruistic link between contraception and increased hernias, uterine descent, […]

Endoscopic Management of Upper GI Bleed: A Review

Upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage is a frequent condition that affects people all over the world, with an estimated yearly incidence of 40-150 cases per 100,000 people. Several risk stratification scores have been established to improve clinical decision-making for urgent intervention and triage patients to in-hospital vs. out-of-hospital care. Glasgow Blatchford Score (GBS) and Rockwall Score were […]

Recent Development: Vaccine Allied Biologics

There were a variety of biologic preparations that had vaccine-like potential. Currently, they are organised in groups, similar to how vaccine classes are gathered. Therapeutic vaccine allied biologics TVAB is an example of such a group. TVAB can assemble at least five classes, which are available for both experimental and therapeutic application to a lesser […]

Association of Acid and Alkaline Phosphatase among Thyroid Patients: A Brief Study

Thyroid hormones are secreted by the thyroid gland, and when these hormones malfunction, thyroid diseases occur. They are one of the most common endocrine illnesses in the world, ranking second only to diabetes. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are the two most common thyroid conditions. These disorders are linked to a number of risk factors, including aberrant […]

Recent Advancements in Role of Endovascular Revascularization Procedures in Chronic Limb Ischemia Involving Superficial Femoral Artery

PVD (Peripheral vascular disease) of the lower extremities is a major cause of morbidity in India, affecting 10 million people. The superficial femoral artery is the most commonly involved artery. A variety of endovascular techniques can be used to treat peripheral artery problems. We provide a case series of 35 patients who had peripheral vascular […]